Street Fighter • Signature Tshirt series

New illustrations for Street Fighter Tshirt project (including tube package design).
Artwork commissioned by Blue Marble Apparel
Hand drawn outlines (with a real pen & paper!) – coloured with scanned in bits of spraypaint, splats & drips etc.

Based on characters from the Street Fighter Turbo 2 classic game – references supplied by client.
Official Capcom • Street Fighter approved product.


ChunLi_drawingRyu_drawingBlanka_outlineChunLi_outlineBlanka_TubeChunLi_TubeRyu_TubeChunLiRyu_outlineBlankaRyuLayout 1SF_mockup_Blanka_GreenSF_mockup_Ryu_KenSF_P1130745SF_P1130754SF_P1130756SF_P1130759SF_P1130760


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